Here you will find a list of environmental documents available for review:

Public Documents

Draft Volo Kagiso Solar





01 Volo Kagiso Solar_DBAR_v2_2023.09.27.pdf

02 App A1- Project Maps.pdf

02 App A2- Draft Site Development Plan.pdf

03 App B - Site photographs.pdf

04 App C- Facility Illustration.pdf

05 App D-Route Positioning Information.pdf

06 App E- Public Participation Documents.pdf

07 App F- Water Use Information Not Applicable.pdf

08 App G1- Withok_Ecological Assessment.pdf

08 App G2-Withok_Aquatic Assessment.pdf

08 App G3- Withok Avifauna.pdf

08 App G4- Withok Solar HIA.pdf

08 App G5- Withok Visual Impact Assessment.pdf

08 App G6- Withok Agricultural Report.pdf

08 App G7- Withok Report_Paleo.pdf

08 App G8-Withok TIA.pdf

09 App H- DEMPr.pdf

10 App I- EAP CV and Qualification.pdf