Here you will find a list of environmental documents available for review:

Public Documents

Draft S24G Rectification for Locktrans Trading




01 Locktrans Trading - Section 24G Draft EIR Fuel Depot

02 App A- EAP CV and Qualification

03 App B- Site Photographs a

04 App C1- Topo Map

04 App C2- Aerial Map

04 App C3- Wetland Map

04 App C4- CBA Map

04 App C5- Land Cover Map

04 App C6- Protected Areas Map

04 App C7- Vegetation Map

04 App C8- Remnant Veg and Threatened Eco Map

04 App C9- Layout Plan

05 App D1- Newspaper Advert

05 App D2- I&APs Notification Letter

05 App D3- Site Notice

05 App D4- Database Register

05 App D5- BID

06 App E1- HIA Report

06 App E2- Biodiversity Report

07 App F- Locktrans Fuel Depot _24G EMPr