Here you will find a list of environmental documents available for review:

Public Documents

2nd Draft BA Report Magonare Heights Housing Development




01 2nd DBAR Magonare Heights Housing Development.pdf
02 App A- EAP CV and Qualification.pdf
03 App B- Site Photographs.pdf
04 App C1- Magonare Heights Aerial.jpg
04 App C2- Magonare Heights Locality.jpg
04 App C3- Magonare Heights Wetlands.jpg
04 App C4- Magonare Heights Vegetation.jpg
04 App C5- Magonare Heights Land Cover.jpg
04 App C6- Magonare Heights CBA.jpg
04 App C7- Magonare Heights NW Land Cover.jpg
04 App C8- Magonare Heights Remnant Vegetation.jpg
04 App C9- Site Layout Plan.pdf
05 App D- Public Participation Information (2).pdf
06 App E1- Magonare Heights_Terrestrial Ecology.pdf
06 App E2- Magonare Heights Aquatic Ecology.pdf
06 App E4- Geotechnical Report.pdf
06 App E5- Palaeontological  Report.pdf
06 App E6- Traffic Impact Study.pdf
06 App E7- Magonare Bulk Services Report.pdf
06 App E8- Market Study.pdf
06 App E9- Topographic Survey.pdf
07 App F- Draft EMPr.pdf
08 App G- Confirmation of Services - Erf 3725 Mafikeng Extension 27.pdf
09 App H- Title Deed Erf 1317 Mafikeng.pdf